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There are various reasons for a consultation : a general anxiety, relationship issues, low Self -esteem or perhaps older pains never expressed. Maybe, you are also facing a feeling of emptiness without exactly knowing why.

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist who offers short-term and long-term psychotherapy for adults (18 +) either online or in face to face sessions.

Short-term therapy is a suitable approach for addressing things that are specific and clearly definable. In these instances, a fixed number of sessions will usually be set out from the beginning, and the therapy is concluded once these sessions are completed.

For general difficulties e.g. unstable difficult emotions, trouble sustaining relationships, chronic inhibition, open-ended therapy might be more efficient. 


Most psychoanalytic therapies aim for a high level of self awareness and emotional maturity. Therapy can help a person overcome significant issues, can reduce and even eliminate symptoms of depression and anxiety, can improve one’s relationships, sense of self, and even work performance, creativity, and motivation. Long-term therapy ambitiously work towards altering longstanding personality patterns. 

Dorothee Besland Counselling and Psychotherapy in Marylebone
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