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My approach

Dorothee Besland Counselling and Psychotherapy in Marylebone

I refer to the psychodynamic approach which belongs to the spectrum of "psychoanalytic psychotherapy". It finds its roots in the work of Freud but have evolved substantially with clinical research and the evolution of the society over the past 100 years.


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy emphasises that our behaviour and feelings as adults are often rooted in our childhood experiences. We are not always aware of why we do the things we do (the unconscious). We might want to change but we also want to stay the same (resistance). The unrecognised feelings and effects of past experiences influence how we see and relate to the world today and might lead to suffering. 

Hence, these therapies prefer to focus on the conflicts that prevent us from succeeding rather than on advising us on how to succeed. Similarly, they might aim to understand and resolve the underlying dynamics which cause our anxiety rather than teach us techniques to control anxiety.

This process is meant to deepen your awareness of your actions and how your inner world influences your life, emotions and perceptions of yourself and others. This leads to improve relationships, self-esteem and greater fulfilment.

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